About Me

My name is Stephen Parkes

Welcome to my bio where you will learn a little about me and the relationship I have with RAYL.

I have been with RAYL Business Solutions Inc since May 2021. I came to RAYL as a small business start-up coach and found the suite of business tools that RAYL offered in the RAYL Apptive subscription very beneficial for my company and my clients.

I did not subscribe at the lower subscription level at first like some of you may have. Instead I went straight for the RAYL Apptive Pro subscription. I wanted to get involved with the networking and business development straight away. I got involved right away learning what RAYL had to offer.

Since then I have gradually got involved in almost everything RAYL has to offer as of today. I use the tools, work the REBN network, participate in the Leadshare app. Today, I am honoured to be an important part of your growing experience at RAYL as your Marketplace Manager, a publisher/editor for a local business newspaper and a leader of 2 RAYL REBN Chapters.  

There are may things I will get involved within RAYL to ensure that you have a great experience, your business grows and your network helps you succeed. 

Buckle up and hold on tight. You haven't see anything yet..

Let's get to know, like and trust one another.