Learn How to Use the RAYL Platform

This series of courses are going to teach you about all of the products RAYL has to offer and how to use each one effectively for your business. Join me and discover all of the applications one by one and how they are integrated with each other. Individual businesses need individual solutions. By using some or all of the tools RAYL has to offer you and your business will improve from the first day you start using them.

RAYL consists of 6 platforms and will continue to grow and offer additional products for you and your business.

- RAYL Apptive
- RAYL Apptive Pro
- RAYL Business Network
- RAYL Market
- RAYL Chat

RAYL Apptive has the following applications installed and ready for use by micro and small business.

- Discuss (Group and Private Chat, integrated with all modules)
- Calendar (Calendar for all users to use internally)
- Contacts (Company Contacts for all users to use)
- CRM (Collective Management too for all of your sales operations)
- Sales (Create quotations, contracts and sales orders)
- Website (Create a great looking website to sell your products and services)
- Purchase (Easily Manage your sales & purchase orders)
- Inventory (Modern online warehouse management software)
- Invoicing (Manage contracts, create recurring invoices, bill timesheets, get paid faster)
- Project (Project management software)
- Apps (apps for payments integration)
- Surveys (Quizzes and surveys built to suit)
- Employees (Human resources management software)
- Time Off (Manage employee absence and vacation)
- Expenses (Online Expense Management)
- Settings (System settings access)

RAYL ApptivePro has the following applications installed and ready for use by micro and small business.

eLearning (a course module that allows your to create course content)
- Marketing Automation (Automate your marketing tasks)
- Email Marketing  (put your lists in one place and generate campaigns)

We are going to cover the following for each application..

- Description of the application
- Intention of the application
- Integration with other applications if active
- Samples of its use and how it can be used in your company
- Any new integrations as new applications come along


- Accounting
- Invoicing
- Expenses


- Sales
- Amazon Connector


- Website Builder
- eCommerce
- eLearning

Inventory & MRP

- Inventory
- Purchase
- Maintenance

Human Resources

- Employees
- Time Off


- Social Marketing
- Marketing Automation
- Surveys


- Project
- Timesheets
- Appointments


- Discuss

Students are enrolled on a continuous basis to learn the ins and outs of RAYL applications and platforms.
Each course group fee is $249.00 per person. Classes run each week for 90 minute classes Monday and Wednesday

Enroll today and get a head start on the platform learning

Join us and make your company a better place.