RAYL Apps Introduction, Setup & ELearning

R.A.I.S.E  is a comprehensive system of teaching, training and active learning to best introduce all of the RAYL Apptive and Apptive Pro and Community applications and platforms. Each module and application will be explained and demonstrated how to use it.

For the RAYL Apptive platform, the following modules be explained and demonstrated first.

- Contacts (2 hrs)
- CRM (2 hrs)
- Calendar (2 hrs)
- Sales (8 hrs)
- Invoicing (8 hrs)
- Inventory  (6 hrs)
- Projects (4 hrs)
- Website (12 hrs)

Join me for a series of Zoom/ RAYL Video classes where we will go through the core applications of RAYL Apptive.

We will cover the overall group of currently released apps and also some of the new ones coming along with the RAYL Apptive Pro subscription.

We will discuss the simple setup procedures of entering your company's information and ensuring that it shows up where it should.

We will progressively go through entering contacts properly and demonstrate how to import contacts, export contacts etc.

We will move on to the CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) to help organize your contacts in your sales pipeline. You will learn to divide your pipeline into meaningful steps to progress your customer through.

Once that is done we will progress through the Sales, Invoicing and Inventory modules.

The last 2 modules in this series are Website and Project. Both of these have a great deal of information to go through.


For Advance courses like ELearning